The Importance of Internetworking

The Importance of Internetworking.

Please read the instructions for assignments carefully and take time to review your work.

And perhaps the most important, show all of your work and/or fully explain your answers. Remember, all work should be original and in your own words and/or from sources that are properly cited.

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Complete the following question:

The EteX Company, which specializes in e-textbooks, is looking to provide Internetworking capabilities from its home location in Boston, MA to three new satellite offices. The locations of these offices are San Antonio, TX; Miami, FL; and Seattle, WA. Since all textbooks are sold and accessed through the Internet, any disruption of computing services lasting longer than 48 hours would have a significant impact on the company’s revenue and reputation. Therefore, the company wishes to have the capabilities of shared network resources between offices. Each office has 100 nodes, 10 servers on three LANs, and one storage area network.

Design a network solution that will provide the necessary communication between the offices. This should include, but not be limited to: the type of network media or services used; required networking equipment; address scheme; protocols and connection types used; and how it will be managed by a single network administrator.

The Importance of Internetworking

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