Supply Chain Management * Applied Research Project – Final Paper (4-6 pages)

Supply Chain Management * Applied Research Project – Final Paper (4-6 pages).

Applied Research Project

The purpose of this learning activity is to facilitate the acquisition, comprehension, and application of the material learned during the class. It is also designed to develop research, critical thinking, reading, and writing skills. The topic for your Applied Research Project is up to you but it must be oriented towards improving a process or projected future business needs.

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For this project, you will write an informative or persuasive paper with a thesis that relies on data uncovered through your research. You must conduct research using at least 5 of the tools learned during the class. Your paper will provide an explanation of your topic, the research you conducted, the data that was collected, the tools that were used and their application. It will also provide an analysis of results, and any decisions or changes that took place as a result.

To conduct research, you may use printed material, personal interviews, original surveys, Internet information, or any other source you need.

Include your raw data at the end of your report. (“Raw data” means all the data you collected and organized into table/spreadsheet form.)


  • Your paper must be 4-6 pages long (excluding Executive Summary, Table of Contents, charts, data or reference page).
  • Each page should be numbered and the paper should be formatted using APA, and the paper should be organized using the following sections (bold section titles for ease of reading).
    • Executive Summary: Provide a one-page overview of the paper with a brief synopsis of your Introduction, Analysis, Conclusion, and Recommendation. This section is brief and “to-the-point.” It may include a chart in order to make it easy for the reader to get the idea of your paper in a brief glance.
    • Table of Contents
    • Introduction: Describe the issue you are investigating, along with any required history or background as to why the issue needs to be investigated.
    • Analysis: Describe your research in detail to include the process used to conduct the research. Include several examples, which support your research and arguments (i.e., interview results, expert opinion, personal survey results and data, and previous research in the area that has been conducted by others.
    • Conclusion: Summarize your analysis and draw conclusions.
    • Recommendation: Recommend actions based upon the findings of your research.
    • Appendices: Put raw data in Appendices at the back of your paper.
  • Sources must be cited, and your paper must include an APA-style reference page at the end of the paper. .

5 tools learned from the class:

1. DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control)

2. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

3. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

4. Demand Forecasting

5. Ethical Sourcing

Supply Chain Management * Applied Research Project – Final Paper (4-6 pages)

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