Summary of Benner-Model of Skill Acquisition

Benner’s Skill Acquisition Model in nursing delineates five skill acquisition stages: advanced beginner, novice, proficient, competent, as well as the expert (Pena, 2010). Benner’s work made use of the Dreyfus skill acquisition nursing model that was published in 1984 and incorporate five skill acquisition stages regarding education, administration, research, and practice. Nursing remains an exceptional profession that the practitioner’s experience is the most momentous aspect of professional growth along with knowledge development. The theory is Patricia Benner, novice to expert, besides the reflective practice concept together authenticate this thought. Benner used reflection in her nursing profession study so as to portray the sole knowledge and characteristics embedded in the nursing experience. Ideally, both the concept and the theory have been utilized to improve professional growth, knowledge development, and innovative transformations in the nursing line of work. Benner (1984) describes a novice as a beginner without situational experience that they are anticipated to carry out. For the novice nurse to build up skills, the nurse has to be devoted to new clinical circumstances. The next skill acquisition stage is the advanced beginner. The theorist defines it as a nurse “who is capable of demonstrating marginally acceptable recital, who have managed real states enough to note the persisting significant situational elements, which are termed features of the state” in the Dreyfus Model (Kelly, 2012). A competent nurse remains a nurse who has achieved 2-3 years of experience in the very similar profession or comparable everyday states (Johnson & Webber, 2010). Benner outlines that competence builds up when the nurse begins to plan or see his/her acts in terms of long-term goals. The proficient nurse observes circumstances as one rather than regarding characteristics. Consistent with Alligood (2014), perspective is not deliberate but reveals itself basing on recent events and experience. The expert nurse is the next stage in the skill acquisition model (Alligood, 2014). Following Johnson and Webber (2010), the expert nurse is the one that has a profound association and understanding of the circumstances. The expert nurse no longer depends on an analytic standard; as an alternative, the expert nurse has a………….

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