Summarize Friedrich Nietzsche

This paper is an excuse to get you to summarize Friedrich Nietzsche. What does Nietzsche think is the nature of the world, of man, the goal of life, ect? (Different philosophers would discuss different stuff, so the list given in the syllabus is loose. Hit the 3 or 4 high points.) What is his philosophy, generally speaking?

Third, this paper asks you to consider how studying this philosopher might serve the student who takes his class. All of the philosophers we shall study thought that their work contributed positively to their students’ lives. How?

Fourth, we are to assume that the philosopher in question writes this paper as a letter with the goal of persuading the recipient to hire him. In other words, a paper on how Nietzsche was a bigot who should not be exposed to impressionable students are not what we want. (It is arguably true, but that is another assignment.) Be generous and write a paper on how and why the philosopher thinks that they are right, and would constitute a benevolent influence on both the class, and RSU.

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Formatting Instructions

• Font: Times New Roman 12 point
• Spacing: Double, not 1.5, 2.1, 1.8 or some other creative variant. Also make sure that under the Page Layout tab you have set the “Before” and “After” spacing to 0 pt.
• Margins: 1″ margins at the top and bottom; 1″ margins on the left and right; paragraphs should be indented .5″. If you do not know how to adjust the font, spacing or margins, solicit the help of someone who does.
• Your paper should not have a title page. Simply place your name, my name, the course name and number, and the date—all on separate, double-spaced lines—at the left-hand margin at the top of the first page.
• Include page numbers at the bottom of each page.
• All papers must be submitted via the Turnitin Dropbox.


In this course, you will study philosophers from four historical periods: ancient, medieval, early modern, and late modern. For each essay, I would like you to imagine that you are one of these philosophers searching for a job.

Happily, there is a open position in philosophy at Rogers State University and the search committee has asked applicants to submit a letter of intent. What your letter says will directly depend on your philosophical outlook: how you view the world, how you view the human person, how you view the relationship between persons and the world, what you happen to value, what you think the purpose of life is all about, and so on.

For your first essay, you are to imagine that you Aristotle; for the second essay, Thomas Aquinas; for the third, Descartes; and for the fourth, Nietzsche. Your objective is twofold: to give some insight into your philosophical commitments and, based on these commitments, to convince the committee that you are the right person for the job.

This paper needs to be between 4-5 pages so just write a tad over four and you will be fine. BUt this paper is about Nietzsche and his interviewing for a job at Rogers state university. Please include ALOT about his philosophy and thinking’s.

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