Student Research Project: Proxy Statement Analysis

Student Research Project: Proxy Statement Analysis.

Locate the latest proxy statement of Panera Bread . In this exercise, you will analyze the company’s executive compensation programs. Factors to be considered are presented below. For clarification of compensation terms and to SEC Regulation S-K, Item 402 – Executive Compensation, for disclosure requirements.

The proxy analysis should be prepared in a research paper format following APA guidelines. Do not merely answer the questions. The analysis must have a title page followed by text with major section headings addressing each of the issues identified above. For example, the first section heading would be “Executive Compensation Philosophy.” This heading should be followed by a narrative discussion and evaluation of the executive compensation philosophies of the company. Be sure to address the questions posed above in your narrative response in each section. The paper should be limited to a maximum of 8 pages, excluding the title page and references.

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Student Research Project: Proxy Statement Analysis

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