Small Group Exercise 1 As discussed in the chapter, a balanced scorecard views the performance of an organization through four lenses: customer, innovation and learning, internal business, and financial. According to surveys from Bain & Company (a consulting firm), in recent years about 60 percent of firms in both public and private sectors have used a balanced scorecard for performance measures.44 With your group, create a balanced scorecard for the business school at your university. You might start by looking at your school’s web page for a mission or vision statement. Then divide up the four perspectives among the team members to develop key elements for each one. It may be helpful to remember the four key balanced-scorecard questions from the chapter:

 1. How do customers view us? (Hint: First discuss the following: Who are the customers? The students? The companies that hire students? Others?)

 2. How do we create value?

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3. What core competencies do we need?

4. How do shareholders view us? (For public universities, the shareholders are the taxpayers who invest their taxes into the university. For private universities, the shareholders are the people or organizations that endow the university.)

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