Small Group Exercise 1 Ryanair based in Dublin, Ireland, has been renowned in Europe as a firm that can make a profit on a $20 ticket by imposing numerous fees and surcharges. The airline has sought to be the lowest of the low-cost providers in the EU with a “no frills get you from point A-to-B-model.” More recently Ryanair is on record as saying it wants to be the “ of travel in Europe” by bringing in competitors’ price comparison, hotel discounts, and even concert tickets.45 Check out the company website ( and consider the questions that follow.

 1. If you were a competitor in the European market, such as British Airways or Lufthansa, how would you compete against Ryanair, knowing your cost structure would not allow price parity? If you were a low-cost leader like EasyJet, how would you compete against Ryanair?

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2. What similarities and differences do you find about RyanAir compared to Jet Blue from the ChapterCase?


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