Floyd’s Bumpers pays a transportation company to ship its product to its customers. Floyd’s Bumpers ships full truckloads to its customers. Therefore, the cost for shipping is a function of the distance traveled and a fuel surcharge (also on a per mile basis). The cost per mile is $2.60 and the fuel surcharge is $.56 per mile. The worksheet May in the provided datafile contains data for shipments for the month of May (each record is simply the customer zip code for a given truckload shipment), as well as the distance table from the distribution centers to each customer. Use the VLOOKUP function to retrieve the distance traveled for each shipment from the exercise completed above, and calculate the charge for each shipment. What is the total amount that Floyd’s Bumpers spends on these May shipments? If required, round your answers to two decimal places.

Would you please provide the correct answer? There are many posts and no one has the right answer.

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