Please check the file called “students.dat”. In this file, there are 6 columns representing the number, name, surname, birthplace, department, and GPAs of students. Please read the data from the file and put them into a dictionary. You are not allowed to modify the input file. Additionally implement five functions that take numbers as input and print the necessary information. For example, when you say print_birth_place(81709043), it shall print “Detroit”. print_name(student_number) print_surname(student_number)

students.dat 1! number name surname birthplace department GPA 2 3 13726146 Luisa Morrow Dallas ME 1.80 4 01854182 Karla Wooten Birmingham CS 3.89 5 43447560 Pooja Peacock Scottsdale IE 3.52 6 81709043 Mike Robin Detroit EE 2.40 7 30730594 Cleo Connelly Orlando CE 3.49 8 72922252 Roxy Blake Wichita ME 2.27 9 23937852 Arif Kenan Minneapolis CS 1.38 10

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