Your manager has decided that the throughput of your file server can be improved by replacing your old SCSI-2 host adapter with a Fast and Wide SCSI-3 adapter. She also decides that the old SCSI-2 drives will be replaced with Fast and Wide SCSI-3 drives that are much larger than the old ones. After all of the files from the old SCSI-2 disks have been moved to the SCSI-3 drives, you reformat the old drives so that they can be used again somewhere. Upon hearing that you did this, your manager tells you to leave the old SCSI-2 drives in the server, because she knows that SCSI-2 is downward compatible with SCSI-3. Being a good employee, you acquiesce to this demand. A few days later, however, you are not surprised when your manager expresses disappointment that the SCSI-3 upgrade does not seem to be delivering the performance improvement that she expected. What happened? How can you fix it? 

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