A hospital in a large city records the weight of every infant born at the hospital. The distribution of weights is normally shaped, with a mea n µ 2.9 kilograms and a standard deviation  0 .45. D etermine t he following:

a. The percentage of infants who weighed less than 2.1 kilograms

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b. The percentile rank of a weight of 4.2 kilograms

c. The percentage of infants who weighed between 1.8 and 4.0 kilograms

d. The percentage of infants who weighed between 3.4 and 4.1 kilograms

e. The weight that divides the distribution such that 1% of the weights are above it

f. Beyond what weights do the most extreme 5% of the scores lie?

g. If 15,000 infants have been born at the hospital, how many weighed less than 3.5 kilograms? health, I/O


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