The director of an obesity clinic in a large northwestern city believes that drinking soft drinks contributes to obesity i n children. T o determine whether a re lationship exists between these two variables, she conducts t he following pi lot study. Eight 12-year-old volunteers are randomly selected from children attending a local junior high school. Parents o f t he children are asked to monitor t he number of soft rinks consumed by their child over a 1-week period. The children are weighed at the end o f t he w eek and t heir w eights converted into body mass index (BMI) values. The BMI is a common index used to mea sure obesity and takes into account both height and weight. A n individual is considered obese if he or s he has a B MI value 30. The following data are collected.

a. Graph a scatter plot of the data. Does the relationship appear linear?

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b. Assume t he re lationship is linear and compute Pearson r. health

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