A group of researchers has devised a s tress questionnaire consisting of 15 life events. They are interested in determining whether there i s crosscultural agreement on the relative a mount o f adjustment e ach e vent en tails. T he questionnaire is given to 30 0 Americans and 300 Italians. Each individual is instructed to use t he event o f “marriage” as the standard and to judge each of the other life events in relation to the adjustment required in marriage. Marriage is arbitrarily given a value of 50 points. If an event is judged to require greater adjustment than marriage, the event should re – ceive more than 50 points. How many more points depends on how much more adjustment is required. After each subject within each culture has assigned points to the 15 life events, the points for each event are averaged. The results are shown in the following table.

a. Assume the data are at least of interval scaling and compute the correlation between t he American and Italian ratings.

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b. Assume the data are only of ordinal scaling and compute t he correlation between ratings o f the two cultures. clinical, health

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