A social psychologist conducts a study t o determine t he re lationship between religion and selfesteem. Ten eighth graders are randomly selected for the study. Each individual undergoes two tests, one measuring self-esteem and the other religious involvement. For the self-esteem test, the lower the score is, the higher self-esteem is; for the test measuring religious involvement, t he higher t he score is, t he higher religious involvement is .The selfesteem test has a range from 1 to 1 0 and the religious involvement test ranges from 0 to 50. For the purposes of this question, assume both tests are well standardized and of interval scaling. The following data are collected.

a. If a relationship exists such that the more religiously involved one is, t he higher actual se lf-esteem is, would you expect r computed on the provided values to be negative or positive? Explain.

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b. Compute r. Were you correct i n your answer to part a? social, developmental

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