For this problem, let’s suppose that you are a psychologist employed i n t he human resources department of a large corporation. The corporation president has just Finished talking with you about the importance of hiring productive personnel in the manufacturing section of the corporation and has asked you to help improve the corporation’s ability to do so. There are 300 employees in this section, with each employee making t he same i tem. Until now, t he corporation has been depending solely on interviews for selecting these employees. You search t he literature and discover two well-standardized paper & pencil performance tests that you think might be related to the performance requirements of this section. To determine whether either might b e use d a s a screening device, you select 10 representative employees from the manufacturing section, making sure that a wide range of performance is represented i n the sample, and administer the two tests to each employee. The data a re shown i n t he table. T he higher t he score , the better t he performance. T he work performance scores are t he actual n umber o f items completed by each employee per week, averaged over the past 6 months.

a. Construct a scatter plot of work performance and test 1 , using test 1 a s t he X variable. Does t he relationship look linear?

b. Assuming i t is linear, compute t he value o f Pearson r.

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c. Construct a scatter plot of work performance and test 2, using test 2 a s the X variable. Is t he relationship linear?

d. Assuming it is linear, compute the value of Pearson r.

e. If you could use only one o f t he two tests f or screening prospective employees, would you use either test? If yes, which one? Explain. I/O

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