Follow the below format for your marketing plan for Amazon. Keep in mind that far more can be added in the real world and will require far more work than one semester can provide. This project will give you a good foundation to create or manage this in your career. You’re presenting this to your CEO. Make sure it flows professionally. I have given you a foundational outline and work completed. Please take this as your starting point and work towards it throughout the semester. Sell to me what you want to do.
• Cover Sheet
o Name(s)
o Company
o Date
• Table of Contents
• Executive Summary
o An executive summary is an overview of all the work within the marketing plan
• Management Information
o Your Bio(s)
• Assignments 1 – 6 in their respective sections
• CSR Initiatives
o These can be current or ones you create
• Appendix
o Supporting images and materials


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