When Honest Tea is sold out at local supermarkets, some consumers react by purchasing Honest Tea online. One concern is that ordering cases of iced tea can be inconvenient and expensive compared to purchasing it at a local grocery store. Suppose the following questions are included in a survey to learn about how Honest Tea drinkers perceive the online shopping experience. Review this scale and then answer the questions below.

(a) Suppose the goal of this scale is to measure the satisfaction of Honest Tea drinkers with their online shopping experience. Would this scale have content validity? Explain why or why not.

(b) How could a researcher assess the reliability of the scale results using the split-half method? Explain.

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(c) Do you think the results of this would result in a variable measured on a ratio scale? Explain why or why not.

(d) Do you think the measurement of this scale is based on a ranking, rating, sorting, or choice technique? Explain which one would best describe this example

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