Case: Mudd Jeans

Read the case on page 372 of the text and answer the following:


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1. How would you interpret the information provided by American Demographics concerning rules advertisers should follow for teenagers? How would it affect the design of an advertising campaign?

2. What type of advertising appeal would you use for the Mudd Girl? Why?

3. What type of message strategy would you use for the Mudd Girl? Why?

Rules of Advertising to Teenagers Percent of Survey Respon- dents who Rule Agreed (%) 65 Be honest. 52 45 43 37 Use humor; make me laugh Be clear. Show the product. Tell me something im- portant about the product Do not use sex to sell Show situations that are realistic 31 25 24 22 21 21 Have a great slogan or jingle. Do not talk down to me. Do not try too hard to be cool Use great music. Show people scenes can relate to. Show people my age. Do not tell me what to do. Show me things I have never seen before. 20 19 19 14 14 8 Do not butcher a song! like. Show celebrities who use the product. Show cute animals or babies. Be sarcastic, Show situations that are fantasy 6 York Times, available at Case: Mudd Jeans Sales of women’s jeans total $7.8 billion, Jeans retailing for less than $5o make up 76.3 percent of this market. Jeans no longer are just weekend or home wear. For many they are a fashion statement and appropriate for the office and a night out. For teens and tweens, jeans are an essential component of a girl’s wardrobe. The Mudd jean brand was founded in 1995 by Dick Gilbert and then sold in May 2004 to Hong Kong-based apparel manufacturer Tack Fat Group. The new owner’s goal was to make Mudd into a su billion business by pushing into Asian markets. The venture falled. In April 2006, the Mudd brand was sold to Iconix Brand Group. Neil Cole, former Chairman and CEO of Iconix, stated, “We have a lot of great opportunities with Mudd. We want to grow the different prod. uct categories. Mudd has an 84 percent brand awareness among young women.” After acquir- ing the Mudd brand, Iconix used marketing research to identify the “Mudd Girl.” This girl is be tween the ages of 11 and 17. She has the following mindset: . She is sassy and daring . She is part free spirit and part fashionista. . She is into finding herself, knowing her true voice. • She is a girl like every other, yet unlike any other . She is self-empowered. . She wants to make a statement and a difference. . She is independent. . She wants to accomplish something in her life. . At the end of the day, she wants to be true to herself. • She is real. . . ad/ To further understand the teen market, Iconix obtained a survey conducted by Ameri- can Demographics. Entitled “Rules of Advertising to Teenagers,” this study highlighted the most important concepts for reaching the teen market.4. Discuss the media strategy that you think would be appropriate for the teen market. Where would you advertise? Justify your choice.Case: Mudd Jeans Read the case on page 372 of the text and answer the following: Questions 1. How...-1Case: Mudd Jeans Read the case on page 372 of the text and answer the following: Questions 1. How...-2

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