The KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Department has embarked on a multi-million-dollar Transport Rehabilitation Initiative (TRI). The initiative has been identified as one that will ensure that the transportation networks and systems of the province will be categorized as being world class by year 2020. This will however include a series of projects that will encompass the construction of bridges, dual carriageways, railway networks, ports and airports. One of the first projects that will be carried out under the initiative will be the expansion of the Durban Port, this is aimed at increasing its current holding capacity and overall operational efficiency. The KwaZulu-Natal MEC of Transport has indicated that the success of TRI heavily depends on the efficient management of the different projects of the initiative. You have been tasked to be the principal project manager of the project involving the expansion of the Durban International Port. Part of your responsibility will be to ensure that the project is properly managed to the expectations of the MEC and other active stakeholders.

Question 2. The MEC has requested that you provide a detailed report outlining the sequence of steps, phases and/ – or processes that will be followed during managing and delivering the Durban Port Expansion project. The report should include detailed explanations on what activities and actions will be performed during each project life cycle process.

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