Distributi… Journal Assignment:Distribution: Rashid Minhas Journal Assignment:Distribution Create Journal Entry Journal Instructions > This module’s Journal Assignment lets you “free wheela little in terms of what you discuss about these two chapters. Just be sure to read the assignment carefully, make your discussion relevant (please don’t ramble), concise (just one or two paragraphs). This is an easy one!! Let’s see what you want to talk about Pick any topic from this week, provide an example or commentary from your experience or reading, or make a connection to prior chapter concepts. For example, what benefits do consumers (e.g. YOU) get from intermediaries? • What distribution methods are you familiar with? What innovations have been made in distribution? • Share an example of a concept from either chapter- -disintermediation, progression on the wheel of retailing, nonstore retailing, distribution intensity. horizontal vertical conflict, retailing levels of

Distributi... Journal Assignment:Distribution: Rashid Minhas Journal Assignment:Distribution Create...

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