Joyti De-Laurey, the disgraced former Goldman Sachs secretary, is being chased by the US
investment bank’s insurance company to recover assets from her £4.4m crime spree. The
insurance company last week petitioned the High Court under Goldman Sachs’ name for
restitution of assets held by Ms. De-Laurey after she sold a house allegedly bought with the
proceeds of her crime spree. The 41-year-old was jailed for seven years in 2004 after stealing
from three Goldman Sachs to fuel an exuberant lifestyle. Judge Christopher Elwen branded
her “duplicitous, deceitful and thoroughly dishonest”. Ms. De-Laurey was arrested weeks
before she was set to move to Cyprus where she had reportedly bought a £750,000 villa and
ordered a £150,000 speed boat and £175,000 Aston Martin, She had also spent nearly
£400,000 on Cartier jewelers, and a fortune on clothes, holidays and flying lessons. Ms. De-
Laurey claimed the money she took from the private accounts of Jennifer Moss, her husband
Ron Beller, and Scott Mead by forging their signatures on cheques and other documents was
a reward for her efficient organization of their private and professional lives, Having been
released early in mid-2007, Ms. De Laurey reportedly moved to Surrey to live with her son
and the brother of a former inmate at the prison, She is understood to have bought the house
in 2001 but having sold the property the insurer is now believed to be looking 10 recover
some of the proceeds. Goldman declined to name the insurance company and said it was not
involved in any claim.

Based on the famous case of Jyoti De-Laurey, discuss what could motivate a personto
commit fraud based on the elements of Fraud Diamond theory

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