The dean of admissions at a large university wonders how strong t he relationship is between high school grades and college grades. During the 2 years that he has held this position, he ha s weighted high school grades heavily when deciding which students t o admit to the university, yet he has never seen any data relating t he two variables. Having a strong experimental background, he decides to conduct a study and indout for himself. He randomly samples 1 5 seniors from h is university and obtains t heir high school and college grades. The following data are obtained:

a. Compute robt for these data.

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b. Is the correlation signii cant? Use  0.052 tail.

c. What proportion o f t he variability in college grades is accounted for by the high school grades?

d. Is t hedea n justiied in weighting high school grades heavily when determining which students to admit to the university?

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