Consider the college enrollment model discussed in Example 4.9–2. Suppose the college wants to limit

freshman admissions to 120 percent of the current sophomore class and limit sophomore transfers to 10

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percent of the current freshman class. Rewrite and run the program given in the example to examine the

effects of these policies over a 10-year period. Plot the results.

Suppose you project that you will be able to deposit the following monthly amounts into a savings account

for a period of 5 years. The account initially has no money in it.

At the end of each year in which the account balance is at least $3000, you withdraw $2000 to buy a

certificate of deposit (CD), which pays 6 percent interest compounded annually.

Write a MATLAB program to compute how much money will accumulate in 5 years in the account and in

any CDs you buy. Run the program for two different savings interest rates: 4 percent and 5 percent

Consider the college enrollment model discussed in Example 4.9–2 . Suppose the college wants to...

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