1. Topic 3: Provide a simple example that illustrates the differences among findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

2. Topic 4: What do you think might be a good rule of thumb regarding the number of graphics (charts, tables, and so on) to put in a report and the size of the graphics? Why?

3. Topic 5: This is how one participant in a recent study of college students’ research strategies characterized procrastination, a habit embraced by 80 percent of the respondents: “Procrastination, for me, is about the adrenaline rush. . . . It’s always just like a race. . . . Oh, look, I need to get this done in 20 minutes and turn it in. And once you know you can do it and get a good grade, you do it, especially if you can get away with it.”22 Does procrastination help or hinder your academic work?

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