Courier Mama” aims to aid Bangladesh’s expanding e-commerce sector by providing tech-first logistics support to both online and offline businesses. With exclusive features and a talented workforce, they give the delivery service industry of Bangladesh a brand new pace. It has an in-built tracking system in its app which enables customers to track the status of their delivery. Customers also get SMS updates on their registered mobile number during booking and delivery.

Q1: Develop a business model canvas for your allocated ‘start-up’ idea. Critically think, identify
and evaluate all the 9 building blocks to launch a successful start-up business. (7 marks)

Q2: Conduct feasibility analysis for industry, market and team for your allocated start-up. Use
appropriate model with elaboration. (7 marks)

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Q3: Identify resources and capabilities that have potential for giving sustainable competitive
advantage for your allocated start-up. Apply proper framework to test feasibility of your resources.
Now identify major competitors for your start-up and test how competitive your resources and
capabilities are, against your rivals.

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