March 19, 2021, spot is $1.37/£. British Pound Option Prices (in cents per pound and with 62,500 pounds per contract) allow a purchaser to pay 0.15 cents per pound to purchase an April call with an exercise price of 1440 ($1.44/£). What is the total purchase price of 3 such call options in dollars? (No currency labels are necessary, answer in dollars and round to two decimal places)

2. Paribas Inc bought a 3-month yen futures contract at an exchange rate of 0.0085SF/¥ and in a few weeks, the exchange rate on the futures was at 0.0088SF/¥, when they sold the futures. If each futures contract is for an amount of ¥10,000,000, in Swiss Francs (SF) how much money did they gain or lose from this speculation with futures? (No currency labels are necessary, answer without decimal places)

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