1. Success in school often requires a person to be a ________,
while success in the workplace often requires the same person to be
a ________.

A) specialist; generalist

B) conformist; nonconformist

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C) specialist; conformist

D) generalist; specialist

2. Which job skill is useful for just about every job?

A) writing skills

B) interpersonal skills

C) manual dexterity skills

D) computer programming skills

3. In addition to prohibiting age discrimination, what else does
the Age Discrimination Act do?

A) Sets the mandatory age for receiving Social Security

B) Created the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

C) Allows for early retirement for age related causes of
poor performance.

D) Restricts mandatory retirement at specific ages.

4. Team skills ____.

A) can never be learned

B) can be learned

C) cannot be picked up through training

D) are all inborn

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