A wealthy couple is building a custom home using wood harvested entirely from the large property on which the house is built. They contract with a general carpenter to mill the wood and install hardwood floors, an outdoor deck, and woodwork around the windows. They also contract with the carpenter’s brother, a master craftsman, to hand carve banisters on staircases, a buffet table in the dining room, mantles for all of the fireplaces, and a custom door for the entryway. Each item is to be intricately carved with a repeating pattern throughout the house. After a few months, the craftsman brother is offered a higher-paying job. His work is only one-third completed. The general carpenter brother decides to take over the entire project. He thinks he can come pretty close to the pattern his brother started, although he has no experience in this type of work. The couple sues the master craftsman for specific performance. Because the work has unique and artistic characteristics, it is probable that specific performance would be granted.

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