For a power cycle operating as in Fig. 3.8a, the heat transfers are Qin  25,000 kJ and Qout  15,000 kJ. Determine the net work, in kJ, and the thermal efficiency.

The net work of a power cycle operating as in Fig. 3.8a is 8  106 Btu, and the heat transfer Qout is 12 106 Btu. What is the thermal efficiency of the power cycle?

A power cycle receives energy by heat transfer from the combustion of fuel at a rate of 300 MW. The thermal efficiency of the cycle is 33.3%.

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(a) Determine the net rate power is developed, in MW.

(b) For 8000 hours of operation annually, determine the net work output, in per year.

(c) Evaluating the net work output at $0.08 per , determine the value of the net work, in $/year.

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