Determine the volume, in ft3 , occupied by 2 lb of H2O at a pressure of 1000 lbf/in.2 and

(a) a temperature of 600F.

(b) a quality of 80%.

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(c) a temperature of 200F.

Calculate the volume, in m3 , occupied by 2 kg of a twophase liquid–vapor mixture of Refrigerant 134a at 10C with a quality of 80%.

A two-phase liquid–vapor mixture of H2O has a temperature of 300C and occupies a volume of 0.05 m3 . The masses of saturated liquid and vapor present are 0.75 kg and 2.26 kg, respectively. Determine the specific volume of the mixture, in m3 /kg.

Five kilograms of H2O are contained in a closed rigid tank at an initial pressure of 20 bar and a quality of 50%. Heat transfer occurs until the tank contains only saturated vapor. Determine the volume of the tank, in m3 , and the final pressure, in bar.

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