A 4-year-old girl has had diarrhea and anorexia for 3 days. She has taken only sips of fruit juices for the last 3 days. She weighed 38 pounds, or 17.3 kg, preillness and now weighs 35 pounds, or 15.9 kg. Her cheeks and gums are dry and her skin turgor is reduced. She is irritable. She has voided once in the last 24 hours. Vital signs: temperature 99o F, or 37.2o C. pulse rate 110, respirations 32, BP 90/60. The serum sodium level is 132 mEq/L, and the potassium level is 3.3 mEq/L. Serum calcium is 7.4 mg/dL. Results of the BUN and creatinine are pending

The onset of fluid loss (dehydration) has been _________________ days. The percentage of fluid loss from the ECF is _______________________ and from the ICF is _______________.

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