Abdullah is a middle aged Omani working in a Private Company. He draws a moderate salary and has a reasonable standard of living. He is having ‘Al Mazyona Saving Account’ in Bank Muscat, and recently he was a lucky winner of Al Mazyona scheme 2019′ and received OMR 20, 000. He has a newly born daughter. He doesn’t know what to do with the prize money. His family members and friends are recommending different investment options. He visits the bank and the branch manager explained to him different schemes and types of accounts where he may invest and keep the money. Undecided, he approaches you to help him come to a final decision in choosing appropriate account/scheme which may also help secure the future of his new born baby. Read the above scenario and answer the following questions.

A. Suggest a title for the story.
B. What type of account you will suggest for Mr. Abdullah. Reason out your answer.
C. How can you open this account in Bank Muscat? Explain.

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