The nutritive value of a diet for animals is not only a function of the ingredients, but also a function of how the ingredients are prepared. In this experiment three diet ingredients are denoted as factor GRAIN with levels

SORGH: whole sorghum grain,

LYSINE: whole sorghum grain with high lysine content, and

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MILLET: whole millet.

Three methods of preparation are denoted as factor PREP with levels

WHOLE: whole grain,

DECORT: decorticated (hull removed), and

BSB: decorticated, boiled, and soaked.

Six rats were randomly assigned to each of 10 diets; the first 9 diets are the nine combinations of the two sets of three factor levels and diet 10 is a control diet. The response variable is biological value (BV). The data are shown in Table. Note that for diet 10, the factor levels are shown as blanks. Perform the appropriate analysis to determine the effects of grain and preparation types. Note that this is a factorial experiment plus a control level. One approach is first to analyze the factorial and then perform a one-way for the 10 treatments with a contrast for control versus all others.

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