In 1937 Raymond Haugh proposed a measurement based on albumen height and egg weight for assessing albumen quality. This measure is known as the Haugh value. In another phase of the experiment described in Exercise 9, 30 eggs were randomly chosen from storage day (DAY, levels 1 and 15) and temperature (TREAT, levels 15, 25, and 35â—¦C) combination. Each egg was weighed (EGGWT) and opened, the albumen height measured (ALBHT), and the Haugh value (HAUGH) determined. The data consisting of 180 observations are on the text Web site in file datatab_9_haugh. Perform an analysis to determine how storage time and temperature affect the Haugh measure of the eggs. Also perform the same analysis on the albumen height and egg weight, and relate the results of these analyses to that of the Haugh measure.

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