Karen is one of the most popular categories of collectibles. Although literally millions of “normal”Karen dolls have been sold worldwide, Mattel, Inc., regularly produces “limited edition”Karencollectibles, many of which cost $200 or more. These are marketed to collectors as “investments.” Beverly has been collectingKarens for the last ten years and estimates that she has more than 1,000 dolls. An investment advisor has suggested that she sell them all and invest in the stock market instead. Beverly shows him a Mattel, Inc., book that gives the current market values of her dolls and verifies that her “portfolio” has increased in value over time with no risk.
(c)Assume that Beverly bought a HolidayKarenfor $45 ten years ago. If she sells it this year for $82, incurring $10 in transaction costs, what is her holding period return, and what is her annualized return on investment?(Round annualized return answer to 1 decimal place, e.g. 52.7.)
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