the subject is writing skills

Choose ONE of the following topics and write two argument paragraphs against or for (minimum 10 sentences).

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  1. Technology has negatively impacted the human society.
  2. Violent video games cause behavior problems.
  • Writing Instructions:
  1. Topic sentence of the two-paragraph argument:

Take a position: you should state the main idea of both paragraphs and your opinion on the topic (against or for).

  1. Supporting sentences:
  • Make a claim (reasons why you are against or for)
  • Support your claim with (statistics, facts, examples, research, etc.)
  • OPTIONAL: Use counterarguments (claims that are opposite to yours)
  1. Concluding sentence
  2. Remember to:
  • Add a title
  • Indent
  • Underline the topic and concluding sentence.
  • Check the grammar & spelling
  • Check the capitalization & punctuation rules
  • Avoid plagiarism (summarize, paraphrase and/or use quotations). Include an in-text citation and a reference list.
  1. Plagiarized assignments will receive a zero.
  1. A modal example is given in Chapter 6 in Interaction 2 by Pavlik (p. 110).


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