XYZ) is a medium sized enterprise in the private sector. XYZ manufactures and sells a range of protective work-wear and equipment which are designed to withstand the most hazardous working conditions.

The current warehousing manager at the company has been in the position for just two months having been recruited after the previous manager retired. She was a warehouse supervisor in a multinational company prior to this appointment. Due to her limited experience in a management role, combined with the complexity of product range and the need for high level safety stock, sit e is finding it difficult to influence change in the current Inventory Management Policy on stock identification, stock coding and stock control procedures. Furthermore, the company has not automated the inventory management function.

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The new warehousing manager believes that there is need to review the stock management strategy. She has also expressed the need for more accurate information on the actual stock of each item in the warehouse. The available information is scanty since the previous manager did not keep proper records. On the other hand, the warehouse employees are demotivated due to poor remuneration and working conditions, despite the hazardous nature of the items they are handling.

XYZ does not have adequate quality testing equipment during the manufacturing process. The equipment is highly specialized and of high acquisition value. A recent maintenance report has revealed high cost of maintenance as a result of long lead times for parts. The company is considering two options, to procure a new testing equipment or outsource the testing process to service specialists.


a .Propose FIVE roles that other functions at XYZ could play in controlling stock range (10 marks)


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