The table below shows the defects from Ajker garments factory.

Defect type

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Total defects

Skip stitch


Loose thread


Misplaced embroidery


Needle damage


Broken stitch




Dirty spot


Open seam


Print defect


Button missing


Label missing


Components of the Group Project

  1. Analysis of the current scenario (read Chapter 9 in advance)
    1. Clear usage of tools, included but not limited to, checksheet, pareto analysis
  2. Identification of the main problem. Choose only one main problem to work with. (read Chapter 9 in advance)
  3. Brainstorming to find out the root cause of the main problem using fishbone diagram (read Chapter 9 in advance)
  4. Identification of the root cause of the main problem (read Chapter 9 in advance)
    1. clear display of hypothetical assumptions / scenario building
    2. analysis that is in line with the stated assumptions
    3. educated choice of the root cause, consistent with the scenario created
  5. Action plan to solve the root cause of the main problem (Chapter 6 & 17)
    1. Clear list of all required tasks
    2. Precedence relationships between the tasks (tabular format). Note: Precedence diagram should have at least three paths. It should also include at least one multiple predecessor scenario (ie. multiple arrows).
    3. Hypothetical duration mentioned for each task
    4. Hypothetical cost mentioned for each task
    5. Timeline using Gantt chart
    6. Network diagram – deterministic times (graphical format) – ES, EF, LS, LF. Determine critical path.

YOUR DRAFT MUST INCLUDE everything till 5f.

  1. Contingency plan (general problem solving, no specific chapter)
    1. Identification of possible problems that may be faced during the implementation of your plan
    2. Clear plan to solve/mitigate these possible problems
  2. Expedition of the action plan (Chapter 17)
    1. Crashing problem (no daily budget) to show how this project can be expedited
    2. Total cost needed for full expedition of the project and total days saved
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