Not yet answered Points out of 1.0 Under a system of floating exchange rates, which of the following conditions would tend to cause the U.S. dollar to appreciate in value against the Japanese yen? 1. The rate of inflation in Japan is higher than in the U.S. II. Japanese banks offer lower rates of interest than U.S. banks III. There is a rising demand for U.S.goods on the part of Japanese consumers Flag question Select one: O a. I only Ob. I and II only Oc I and Ill only Od. I, II, and III When international trade occurs, currency exchange: Question 2 Not yet answered Points out of 1.0 1. Can facilitate, but is not required II. Is unnecessary, if well planned III. Is a necessary and unavoidable Flag question Select one: A. I only B. ll only C. lll only D. I and II only


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