Wanda has never thought of herself as running a “business,” although it certainly seems to have turned out that way. Originally she really just wanted to give her friends and family an alternative to cheap, low-nutrition dog treats. When you explain to Wanda how she really has created a business with stakeholders and all of the internal workings and structure of a business, she just stares at you with a blank look. So, you tell her to just hang on and you will explain this in more detail.

Your Task Using a visual or graphical representation, show Wanda what her business looks like from the inside and the outside. Include forces in the external environment and internal functional areas as well as both internal and external stakeholders. In other words, what components of a business have come together with Wanda’s work? Like any graphical representation, there needs to be explanation of what the graphic represents! Along with the graphic that you create, provide Wanda with a written description of the following: Each component of her external environment Internal functional areas and their purpose Internal and external stakeholders in Wanda’s business When you are writing these descriptions, be certain to explain in detail how each of these elements relates to the business and to each other so Wanda can get a bird’s eye view of her business and the people (stakeholders) it impacts.

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