10.2 Given: Find: The single-story wood-frame building in Fig. 10.A. The critical lat. eral wind force in the longitudinal direction is given. Wood structural panel sheathing is designed to function as a shearwall. Studs are spaced 16-in. O.c. a. The minimum required thickness of sheathing, assuming that the face grain may run either horizontally or vertically. (Sheathing is used under a nonstructural wall covering.) b. The unit shear in the shear segment along Line 1. c. Using the segment sheathing thickness determined in a, select the required spacing of 6d common nails for the shearwall along Line 1. Indicate blocking requirements (if any). Check the proportions of the shear segment. ~= 250 LB/FT 1530 75 30 25 100 PLAN > -ROOF DIAPHRAGM NNNN BLOCKING BETWEEN ROOF JOISTS -TOP PLATES -STUDS CHORD- CRIPPLE STUDS -HEADER 25 ELEVATION WALL 1 Figure 10.A d. The maximum chord force in the shear segment along Line 1, neglect- ing any resisting moment. Is a doubled 2 X6 stud adequate to resist this chord force? Lumber is No. 2 DF-L. A single row of 4-in.-diam- eter bolts is used for the anchorage connection at the base of the wall. CM = 1.0, and C = 1.0. The uplift force for the design of the connection at the base of the ten- sion chord. Consider the resisting moment provided by the wall and the roof dead load supported by the wall. The wall supports a 5-ft tributary width of roof dead load. Roof D = 10 psf. Wall D = 15 psf.

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