Ademption Ethel M. Ramchissel executed a will that made the following bequests: (1) one-half of the stock she owned in Pabst Brewing Company (Pabst) to Mary Lee Anderson, (2) all of the stock she owned in Houston Natural Gas Corporation (Houston Natural Gas) to Ethel Baker and others (Baker), and (3) the residual and remainder of her estate to Boysville, Inc.
Later, the following events happened. First, in response to an offer by G. Heilman Brewing Company to purchase Pabst, Ramchissel sold all of her Pabst stock and placed the cash proceeds in a bank account to which no other funds were added. Second, pursuant to a merger agreement between Internorth, Inc., and Houston Natural Gas, Ramchissel converted her Houston Natural Gas stock to cash and placed the cash in a bank account to which no other funds were added. When Ramchissel died about three and a half years after making her will, her will was admitted into probate. Anderson and Baker argued that they were entitled to the cash in the two bank accounts, respectively. Were the bequests to Anderson and Baker specific bequests that were adeemed when the stock was sold? Opperman v. Anderson, 782 S.W.2d 8, Web 1989 Tex. App. Lexis 3175 (Court of Appeals of Texas)

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