Thomas Richter is an analyst at Vaux Gibson, a fund that manages a portfolio of North American equities (stocks/shares). In February 2018, he was tasked with reviewing the fund’s holdings of Under Armour, Inc. (Under Armour) and providing recommendations for the fund’s prospective investment strategy with the company. Under Armour has experienced significant revenues and bottom-line growth over the past three years, but this growth slowed significantly in 2017 and the company reported a net loss, resulting in its stock price depreciating significantly.

  1. What is your assessment of Under Armour’s performance and financial health? Include a trend analysis in your ratio analysis.
  1. What is your assessment of Under Armour’s peer group selection? Is it comparable? Should some peers be weighted more heavily than others?
  1. What is your assessment of the peer group’s past financial performance relative to Under Armour? Include a peer analysis in your ratio analysis.
  1. Should Richter recommend selling Vaux Gibson’s position in Under Armour? If so, should he recommend purchasing a competitor’s stock?

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