Load Factor Panel properties: 20% efficient, 10m2 (Data from the figure below)Question 1:

Calculate the load factor for a set of solar panels given a tabulated power generation for one summer day, as compared to full time operation under illumination of 1 kW/m2.

What is the total energy produced by these panels on the day in question (in kWh)? (Answer with a numerical value of the form xx.xx)

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Question 2: What is the maximum amount of energy (in kWh) that the above panels could have produced if operating under ideal conditions for 24 hours? Give answer in kWh.

Question 3: Using the data set you downloaded, calculate the load factor (ie the energy furnished vs the theoretical maximum for that time period). Provide your answer as a percentage between 0 and 100. (Answer with a numerical value of the form xx.x)

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