1. Consider the following embedded systems: a pager, a computer printer, and an automobile cruise controller. Create a table with each example as a column, and each row one of the following design metrics: unit cost, performance, size, and power. For each table entiy, explain whether the constraint on the design metric is very tight. Indicate in the performance entry whether the system is highly reactive or not. 2. List three pairs of design metrics that may compete, providing an intuitive explanation of the reason behind the competition. 3. The design of a particular disk drive has an NRE cost of $100,000 and a unit cost of $20. How much will we have to add to the cost of the product to cover our NRE cost, assuming we sell: (a) 100 units, and (b) 10,000 units. 4. (a) Create a general equation for product cost as a function of unit cost, NRE cost, and number of units, assuming we distribute NRE cost equally among units. (b) Create a graph with the x-axis the number of units and the y-axis the product cost, and then plot the product cost function for an NRE of $50,000 and a unit cost of $5.

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