(personal financial managment) Assignment task :The basic requirement is the preparation of a financlal plan /report that provide specific advice for your clients whose details are outlined below, Client profile: Mrjack and Mrs helly have recently married and in planning their future, they have decided to solicit the services of a financial advisor with the aim of implementing their short and long term lifestyle goals and financial plans. Mr jackson and Mrs.helly are both aged 28. For their immedlate future they have decided they want to purchases new house and a new car. The house they want has a value of 400,000 $ and they are very excited as both jackson and helly have never owned a home before. They would also like new car for $20,000 however are unsure to buy whether to purchase the car outright or salary sacrifice in order to obtain the car. They expect to travel approximately 35,000km per year. Their longer term plans involve establishing a fairly aggressve investment portfollo with the aim of directly purchasing an investment property and investing in a share portfolio of some sort amongst other strategies that you may recommend. They have also heard from a friend that margin lending can be a profitable and expedite way to achieve their goals Mr jackson works as a software engineer in MOl he earns $70,000 gross income, while helly works for a bank and earns $55,000 gross income. They also enjoy taking holidays and plan to have a holiday each year to the value of $5,000 with an around the world trip planned for five year’s time tp the value $20,000 jackson and helly are also keen to retire early and are quite willing to take on additional risk if this assists in them achieving their lifestyle goals faster, They have managed to save between them $180,000 in cash and are looking forward to your advise on how they should go about planning fortheir future lives together.
– set a financial plan for them- make a calculcations- put your suggestions
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