Calculate the expected hourly owning and operating costs for 2nd year for a wheel loader with the following information. Use the double declining balance method of depreciation. Delivered price (initial cost) $450,000 Tire cost $30,000 Estimated life 6 years Salvage value Investment cost for the 2nd year $60,000 (first 2 digits of your student number) % of the delivered price (last two digits of your student number) % of the book value of 2nd year Tax, insurance and storage for 2nd year Severe Operating conditions Rated power 450 hp Fuel price $4.5/gallon Operator’s wages $23/hour Hours operated 5 days a week and 8 hours per day Equipment remains idle (not working) for (last two digits of your student number) days during the year, year=52 weeks=365 days Cost of special items $30/hour 1


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