Manual Software Testing Assignment#3, weight 10% About this assignment: . This is a group assignment • The goal is to test two programs (each program has two versions v1 & v2) and prepare a comprehensive report as a PDF file. • The programs are as follows. The “Calculator” program • Calculator v. 1 zamani/SE/calculator 1 Calculator v. 2 zamani/SE/calculator2 The “Tax” program Tax v. 1 https://engold Tax v. 2 . Following is the structure of your assignment. Cover page: Includes information about the course, assignment, and your group. Section 1: Introduction to the assignment and its goals. Section 2: Introducing the Calculator program and its requirements. Section 2.1: Test report for Calculator v. 1 Section 2.2: Test report for Calculator v. 2 Section 3: Introducing the Tax program and its requirements. Section 3.1: Test report for Tax v. 1 Section 3.2: Test report for Tax v. 2 Section 4: Conclusion • What should be included in each of the sections 21.2.2, 3.1, and 3.2? The design of your test cases Logical test cases Concrete test cases The statistics about the result of tests The number of test cases executed The numbers of test cases pass The numbers of test cases fail Pass percentage Fail percentage Comments (For each failed test case, explain about your guess of the fault which is the root cause of this failure. For having an idea on what to be included in the test report have a look at the following site: Test Summary Resorts. Tutorial. Learn with Example 3 Temolate ( There is no page limit for this report. Having tables and statistics is important.
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