SCENARIO:You are a new hire for a major corporation completing your eight-week rotation relating to accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, cost control, and profit maximization. As part of your rotation you are learning how accounting information is used by managers throughout the organization to make managerial decisions. This report will address the below topics, providing senior management a report introducing, explaining, and providing analysis of the financial reports. Assume senior management does not understand basic accounting concepts and unable to read and interpret the reports without your assistance.

REQUIREMENT: Prepare a report for your corporation’s senior managers to interpret and explain the SEC10K financial reports of PepsiCo from FY 2020 on the following areas:

  • Operations:
  1. What products does your company make and sell?
  2. Do they manufacture their products or purchase from others?
  • Trends in revenues and impact on inventory and accounts receivable:
  1. Are sales increasing or decreasing year to year?
  2. How does this relate to changes in inventory and accounts receivables
  3. Business environment:
  • What issues might your company experience related to risk? Search the PDF version of the SEC 10-K for your company for the word risk. Are there other companies and brands under your corporation’s control; locations where they operate; and other big picture business concerns?
  • 4. Income Statement costs:
  • What are the costs reported as line items on the income statement? Consider how these relate to the operations of the company. Are they increasing with sales or other changes?
  • 5. You might also consider the concept of competitive advantage. Companies are required to disclose certain financial information to comply with good business practices. How could this impact their competitive advantage with respect to competitors?

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