An Unmanned Free-Swimming Submersible (UFSS) vehicle is shown in the figure below. FIGURE 4.33 Uemanned Free-Swimming Sebmersible (UFSS) vehick The depth of the vehicle is controlled as follows. During forward motion, an elevator surface on the vehicle is deflected by a selected amount. This deflection causes the vehicle to rotate about the pitch axis. The pitch of the vehicle creates a vertical force that causes the vehicle to submerge or rise. The block diagram for the pitch control is shown below. Elevator Actuator Vehicle R(s) Pitch Pitch) Command + Gvis) Gps Gcs Where Gy(s) = s+2 (elevator actuator) 0.125(s +0.435) (vehicle dynamics) Gp(s) (s+ 1.23) (s +0.2265 + 0.0169 1) Assuming Gc(s) -1 and using the open loop Bode attached (Bode 1), find: (1a) the phase margin of the system, (1b) the gain margin of the system, and (1c) conclude on the stability, and, in case the system is stable, the quality of the time response.(3 h th at tha stonducte error due to a unit step R(s) is BODE 1 urss Open Laco Oc . ke lo salyan of steady state eror tehend, legan step

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